Mass-selective and ice-free cryo-EM protein sample preparation via native electro spray ion-beam deposition.
Esser, T.K., Böhning, K., Fremdling, P., Agasid, M.T., Costin, A., Fort, K., Konijnenberg, A., Gilbert, J.D., Bahm, A., Makarov, A., Robinson, C.V., Benesch, J.L.P., Baker, L., Bharat, T.A.M., Gault, J., Rauschenbach, S.
PNAS Nexus, (2022), 1 (4): pgac153
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Complementing machine learning-based structure predictions with native mass spectrometry
Allison, T.M., Degiacomi, M.T., Marklund, E.G., Jovine, L., Elofsson, A., Benesch, J.L.P., Landreh, M.
Protein Science, (2022), 31 (6): e4333
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Hyperphosphorylated tau self-assembles into amorphous aggregates eliciting TLR4-dependent responses
Meng, J.X., Zhang, Y., Saman, D., Haider, A.M., De, S., Sang, J.S., Brown, K., Jiang, K., Humphrey, J., Julian, L., Hidari, E., Lee, S.F., Balmus, G., Floto, R.A., Bryant, C.E., Benesch, J.L.P., Ye, Y., Klenerman, D. Nature Communications, (2022), 13: 2692
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Shape-morphing of an artificial protein cage with unusual geometry induced by a single amino acid change
Sharma, M., Biela, A.P., Kowalcyk, A., Borzecka-Solarz, K., Piette, P.M.A.G., Gawel, S., Bishop, J., Kukura, P., Benesch, J.L.P., Imamura, M. Scheuring, S., Heddle, J.G.
ACS Nano, (2022)
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